Hopetoun Alpha Hopetoun Alpha
Hopetoun Alpha Hopetoun Alpha
Hopetoun Alpha Hopetoun AlphaHopetoun Alpha
Hopetoun Alpha

Built in 1875, as the home of the Beresford Street Congregational Independents, Hopetoun Alpha's elegant Greek Doric architecture was the design of the then well known architect, Philip Herepath. Captain William C Daldy was also involved in the project and was a major contributor in financing the construction, which is reputed to be the first poured concrete building in New Zealand.

In March 1876 a series of opening dedication ceremonies took place, one of which was a Public Meeting chaired by Sir George Grey. The first church service to be broadcast live across New Zealand was from Hopetoun Alpha in 1925. 

In 1994 Ashton Wylie purchased the building and proceeded to renovate this unique and stunning architectural building to an exceptionally high standard.

The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust

Ashton Wylie was an Auckland businessman who had a wide range of other interests, some of which unfortunately were unable to be fully developed before his untimely death in late 1999. In his Will, Ashton directed that a Charitable Trust be formed "for the principal purpose of assisting people to become more perfectly loving by bringing the creative quality of love and relating positive activities and qualities into their relationships and their experience". 

The Hopetoun Alpha Name and Symbol

The Name
Literally translated "Hopetoun" means "Town of Hope" but what was trying to be created on this site was a centre, a miniature town of hope and positivity, a "Life Centre" for the future, with its beginnings - this historic church.

Alpha being the Greek work for beginning together with Hopetoun fitted well with the objectives - new beginnings with hope and positivity.

The Symbol
The circle represents the earth, universality - the globe - our home, the cross symbolises a blend of female and male and the arrow is our forward and upward direction as we all move into a brave new future as one.

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